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108 More Devs Graduate from Decagon: Catch Up on their Six-Month Journey

maryam abdulwahab
Jan 06, 2022
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108 More Devs Graduate from Decagon: Catch Up on their Six-Month Journey

The Squad 8 cohort of DecaDevs have just graduated, and we are excited to share a quick read of their journey. 

Our 6-month training programme produces devs across TEN different stacks – Golang, Java, Node, .NET, Python, Android, iOS and more, plus essential leadership and agile delivery skills. Staying on our 0.5% selection ratio, aspiring DecaDevs go through a series of assessment and vetting processes – including live interviews with our recruitment team. Only the high-potential candidates get it. 

108 of 14,688 Applicants Selected

Back in March 2021, Decagon opened a new application cycle, leading to 14,688 applications from across Nigeria. 108 outstanding applicants were eventually selected. 

The 108 DecaDevs had their training at the Edo Tech Park, our facility in Benin City. High-speed internet, uninterrupted power supply, and laptops were all provided to make their learning as efficient and focused as possible.

Generally, journeys are considered as an adventurous experience, and the case of the Squad 8 DecaDevs is not an exception. Our devs also got to live and learn in a community of highly-experienced software engineers who served as mentors.

Our goal is simply to ensure devs develop software engineering skills to suit the evolving demands of employers – thanks to our adaptable curriculum and world-class teaching methodologies. 

Excited Guests – Nigeria’s Vice President, UK High Commissioner to Nigeria, and World Bank’s Managing Director

Vice President of Nigeria, Yemi Osinbajo, joined the graduation of Squad 8 this December. The excited VP noted how initiatives like Decagon’s training program is the fuel for such tech accomplishments like the six Nigerian companies that became unicorns over the past six years.

Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, at the Squad 8 Graduation.

In November, we had the World Bank’s Managing Director for Development Policy and Partnership, Mari Elka Pangestu, pay a visit to Squad 8 DecaDevs at the Edo Tech Park – in recognition of the value we are producing. We hosted Mari and Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State.

The UK High Commissioner was also at the facility to get a first-hand view of the works Decagon is doing.

Mari Elka Pangestu, a Managing Director at World Bank, Governor Obaseki of Edo State and other personalities  visited Decagon’s Facility in Edo State, the Edo Tech Park.

Amazing Products Developed By DecaDevs

What are programming classes without live projects to showcase? Our devs are required to create some amazement during their training – no barrier, no limit of ideas. 

Meditation Application– developed by a DecaDev using technologies such as Firebase, Github, Version control, Cocoapods, AutoLayout, and a host of others. Now on App Stores, this app guides basically rivals the features and solutions you’d only find on Calm and Headspace. 

E-commerce Web and Mobile App designed as a marketplace for Apple devices and other accessories. Users can search for specific products, including jewelry and clothing, make an order, make a payment, and have their goods delivered right to their doorsteps. 

Budget & Personal Finance App – an application that keeps track of users’ finances. Using the app, users can conveniently track their monthly income and expenses and prepare a budget.

Hotel Voyage – a team of fourteen Android .NET devs developed a hotel booking app, with hotel management functionalities – using Retrofit, Hilt, and Android SDK technologies. On mobile, it enables tourists to conveniently explore hotels in different regions and book a room without the stress of a physical search. Hotel owners can register, list, and manage their hotels on the web. 

These are just a few. Project is a major part of our training program, as it allows our engineers to start gaining experience developing real-life products and the confidence they need to excel in job placement graduation.

Internship: Preparing Squad 8 DecaDevs for Placement

Software engineers require good technical skills and experience in implementing tasks, but there is also the need to collaborate and work in teams.

To learn the ins and outs of being on a software engineering job, our devs interned with our hiring partner, including Kobo360, Terragon, Access Bank, Cardinal Store, Octamile, Herconomy, and many others. 

Squad 8 of DecaDevs are all set to support your company, create amazing products, and solve real-life programming challenges. 

And it’s a WRAP

Squad 8’s Graduation in December 2021

The six months journey of the Squad 8 of DecaDevs ended in December 2021.

Hiring is made easy with Decagon. Prepared engineers. Vetted and ready to take on the world. 

Want to find out more about hiring Decagon engineers? Talk to our Placement team here.