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49 More Software Engineers Graduate from Decagon: Catch Up on their Journey for the Past 6 Months

Aug 20, 2021
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49 More Software Engineers Graduate from Decagon: Catch Up on their Journey for the Past 6 Months

Decagon opens up a new application cycle every three months, where we produce world-class software engineers, and that includes a series of selection processes. 

The goal has always been to select only the top 0.5% of technical talent from each cycle.  For about three years now, we’ve only selected 400 of about 80,000 total applications, coming from rigorous vetting that ensures we focus only on the right talent. 

They bring the foundation and the passion, and in Obuh’s words, we bring them to that ‘magician state’ of software engineering.

Squad 6, 80 Talent Selected

Squad 6 application opened to the public in late 2020, taking in about 10,000 applications. Just as we would, we took them through the assessments, and this got down to 80 successful applicants. 

But beyond their coding capabilities, DecaDevs are also required to have completed their degree, and also have a guarantor (aka, an underwriter). That further drilled the number down to 49, who then participated in in-person interviews and other vetting stages. 

There and then, in February 2021, their six-month journey started.

Our 49 (intending) DecaDevs could now head to our training campus, at the Lekki area of Lagos, Nigeria. Here’s where we provide them with their basic needs, including laptops, monthly stipends, and more.

Plus, DecaDevs live and learn in a thriving community of experienced software engineers, who provide support and mentorship ensuring that the training produces talent companies want to hire.

4 Months of Core Training

DecaDevs go through virtual and physical training sessions at the campus, focusing on just that for the first four months. These are curriculums designed by established senior software engineers, and instructors from Google and Stanford University.

Starting with programming fundamentals, such as algorithms and data structures, this moves to one of SEVEN stacks down the line. DecaDevs specialize in one of Java, C#, Python, Android, iOS, Golang, and Javascript.

But again, we’re training engineers who can work independently and compete anywhere in the world. So, they also take classes in agile development, leadership, and emotional intelligence. That has helped them excel on any technical team.

Isaac Brune, a Senior Software Engineers at Texas-based Vertex, actually described a DecaDev as, a “plug and play.’ Tega joined their team with every capacity they needed him to have – literally. 

Plus, with the kind of talents we produce, companies are able to cut out time usually wasted on sorting through hundreds and thousands of unqualified applicants. 

Jubril Juma of Renmoney, one of the leading fintech companies in Africa, didn’t mince words to say we cut their time-to-hire to 30 minutes.

Internship: Getting DecaDevs Ready for Placement

Four months gone, and at the start of June, we got the 49 DecaDevs into the technology departments of our partner organizations to get hands-on, and solve real-life programming challenges.

Carbon, Renmoney, Sterling Bank, Varuna, and Vertex are just to name a few companies that had our engineers intern with their team.

This is a major contributor to why we have recorded a 100% placement rate for DecaDevs, across all previous Squads. 

Mentorship, DevMeet, and FireSide Chats

There’s only so much we can teach in classes. So, to add more muscle to the knowledge DecaDevs graduates with, we invite experienced software engineers to provide more insights that we’ve found invaluable.

As they learn, and find their feet in the tech world, these mentors share their knowledge, experiences, and advice on taking on everyday challenges as an engineer. This is typically ingrained in each squad.

In July, at one of our Fireside chats 

In addition to the mentors that are always available, there are also meetups like the monthly DevMeets, which have senior engineers from Codesphere, Venture Leap, Carbon, and other technology companies meet with our engineers and share valuable ideas.

There’s also Fireside Chats, where industry leaders meet with our engineers, including DecaDevs. We had Yenny Cheung, the Engineering Manager at Berlin-based Rasa, and Richard Boyewa, A Senior Software Engineer at Telsa, among others, on episodes of Fireside Chats for Squad 6.

Squad 6’s Graduation in July 2021

There’s been so much ‘talent cooking’ this past six months, and we’re excited to say our new 49 software engineers are now ready to code disruption in your company.

Click here to learn more about how hiring works at Decagon, and if you’re ready to explore what talent we have available, complete the form here.


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