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7 Expert Tips for Improving Your Tech Hiring Process in 2022

Sep 10, 2021
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7 Expert Tips for Improving Your Tech Hiring Process in 2022

Hiring the best talents for your team can be a long and arduous journey. Not only for you but even for the candidates. So many HR professionals are out there looking for advice on how to improve their talent team hiring process. Remember, the quality of your hires affects the overall success of your organization. 

If you’ve been thinking of how to improve your talent team hiring process, then you’re in good hands today! We looked around for the best tips to improve your hiring process and here are the tips we’ve found. Read on to learn more! 

Expert Tips in Improving your Talent Team Hiring Process 

1. Properly define the role and the requirements

The job description you publicize will affect the kind of candidates your organization will attract. Do not make the job description a mundane list of the requirements of a position alone, but also the specific skillset, the expertise, job demands and the tiniest detail peculiar to your organization.

This way, a candidate that reads the job description and sees what you’re looking out for may choose not to apply if the candidate doesn’t fit into those descriptions. A detailed job description has been revealed to boost the retention of employees at jobs. 

2. Have a focused application and interview process

Let’s face it, HR professionals can have a long and almost unending application process.  The Society of Human Resources Management advises that 36 days are enough to fill a vacant position. To get the best talents on your team, create specific application standards for every role you’re looking out to fill. 

A brief and focused application process also makes it easier for you and your hiring team. Establish the requirements you need and go after them during the application and interview process. 

3. Conduct candidate assessments

A proven way of recruiting the right candidates on your team is by conducting assessments. The fact is that you can’t take all that a candidate says about himself herself hook, line and sinker. Some candidates might be sincere while others may tell a lie or misrepresent the truth. You’ll have to discover whether those things are true. 

You can select from assessments available online, or come up with uniques questions for your company. It may be a written test, an online assessment or ask them evaluation questions during their interviews. 

4. Your current employees can help during the recruitment process

Allowing your current employees to also interview potential candidates adds richness and depth to your recruitment process. This is more important if you as the recruiter will not be working directly with the candidate. Some companies have a policy whereby the managers get to perform the final interview rounds to select the candidate that can work best with them. Even if you may not adopt this entirely, it’s good to allow your current employees to engage in the recruitment process. Additionally, your employees feel involved and more appreciated in your organization.

5. Update your candidates regularly

We know that selecting the right hires for your team is not a walk in the park. It takes energy, commitment, time, and can span for months. Then, it might be easy to forget to carry the candidates along about the stage of their interviews. Ensure you keep your candidates informed. Even the best talent out there may lose hope and find alternatives if your company doesn’t keep such a candidate abreast of the situation. 

Give candidates timely updates. It doesn’t matter if the update you give is just that there is no update yet. Sounds funny, but this certainly helps a candidate maintain interest in a specific role and organization. Also, it projects your company in a positive light as full of transparency and integrity.

6. Explore Employee Referrals

Including an employee referral program is an attested way of improving your talent team hiring process. Why is this so? LinkedIn reveals that employees who join a company through an employee referral program stay in the company for over 4 years. Also, highly productive employees will probably talk about your company with their network and if aware of recruitment, they’ll inform those candidates that will do the job perfectly. 

So, inform your employees about the vacant positions in the company and ask them to refer potential candidates to you. It’s that simple. 

7. Ask the candidate questions about the interview process

This is our final tip and one that applies more especially if you won’t be recruiting the candidate. Questions like: “Is there anything I should have asked you about your skills and expertise that I didn’t ask? Is there anything I should consider in hiring you for this role? Did I overlook anything that would have made you competitive for this role?”

So, even when you don’t hire that candidate, you have created a perception of fairness and transparency. Interestingly, the candidate may mention what you have omitted and may end up being your best hire! 


Now that you know the tips in improving your talent team hiring process, it’s time to get to work. Don’t forget that you don’t have to implement all these strategies at once. Start with a few ones, monitor the progress and attempt other tips too. Your talent team hiring process is just about to improve. 


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