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Getting the Best Tech Talent: 5 Hiring Hacks Companies Should Try in 2022

janet wellington
Mar 09, 2022
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Getting the Best Tech Talent: 5 Hiring Hacks Companies Should Try in 2022

Despite advancements in tech, events in the past few years have unfortunately led to big challenges in the world of recruitment, particularly technology recruitment.

study that looked at over 20,000 employees in ten countries, including Nigeria, found that millions of people have begun quitting their jobs, leading to a phenomenon currently known as the Great Resignation. While there are a number of factors affecting this phenomenon, it’s undeniable that a large aspect of it can be attributed to a company’s hiring process.

With that in mind, here are some of the best hiring techniques your tech company should start integrating in order to get the best talent.

1. Keep your interview process simple

The current average time to hire for tech positions is 45 days, whereas the typical tech professional can find a job within one week of leaving their current tech company. This disparity demonstrates how some common hiring steps like complex interview processes are unnecessary. You might be missing out on great talent because other companies are hiring faster. Cut your interview cycles and be more willing to bring new hires on board much more rapidly.

2. Allow for flexible job requirements

According to a Forbes article on the scarcity of software developers, companies struggle to fill positions because they seldom look beyond traditional measures of success. Some fresh graduates may lack specific technical skills, but have the ability to learn quickly. Others may have skills that are adjacent to the role, but nonetheless necessary. A hire with skills in computer systems analysis can benefit a company by determining where their systems fall short and by making improvements to already existing software. Another hire with a management background may end up being the missing piece in improving team and project efficiency. Overall, it’s best to expand your search and be open to more prospects, especially to those who are extra passionate.

3. Offer remote or flexible work options

In the past few years, companies and employees around the world have established that remote work is an option that works perfectly fine when executed properly. Over 40% of people find flexibility the best benefit to remote work, and 76% of workers say that they would be more willing to stay with their current employer if they could work flexible hours. Remote work is here to stay, and companies who aren’t allowing some sort of hybrid setup or flexible work hours could be missing out on fantastic talents who wish to work on their own schedule.

4. Build relationships even in the hiring Stage

Before employees even enter the onboarding process, they’re already assessing whether or not they think they’re a good fit for the company. During the interview process, it’s crucial to make a positive impact on them in some way. It’s a great time to get them excited about your company culture, the achievements you’ve made, and your values as a company. Tech workers also want to see how they may be able to grow in the position being offered, so be sure to mention opportunities, training, and the resources you’ll provide should they accept.

5. Look outside of traditional job websites

Both tech talents and companies turn to social media for efficient hiring. Talents are able to learn more about your company and its efforts if they’re able to access your social media— likewise, social media is also a great place for companies to scour potential candidates. You can also check your channels to get the gist of how your employees and other people view your company.

Hiring needs to adapt to the times, and these five tips are just a few ways your company can snap up the best talent.

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Author: Carina Dawson