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How To Attract Quality Software Engineers On Your Team In 2022

Sep 07, 2021
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How To Attract Quality Software Engineers On Your Team In 2022

Every company is an innovation company today, and with the ascent of advanced technologies in the digital space and remote work, the interest for software engineers is more sizzling than at any other time. 

Explicit tactics such as in-house recruiters, staffing agencies, or even IT recruitment companies are commonly used by start-ups and medium-sized businesses, but this is not the case for major corporations with a significant number of roles to fill and a requirement for the best personnel.

Large companies often face challenges when recruiting, so they have to utilize a wide range of strategies to meet their recruiting objectives.

The Recruiting Challenges Large Companies Face Today 

Recruitment in the tech industry is hard all things considered; however, it’s a totally unique ball game concerning large companies. 

A portion of the significant difficulties confronted are: 

• High competition for extremely specialized software engineers from big-name corporations.

• Ever-increasing pay demands.

• Not enough personnel or depth within the internal recruiting team to find the best talents.

• Lack of familiarity in some regions

• Lack of proper IT education and certification among new engineers.

• Sacrificing between talent and culture match.

It is totally justifiable as requirements become bigger and the number of top software engineers becomes smaller, the undertaking can appear to be practically impossible. They must remain on top of the game, even if that means deploying a lot of resources, as long as it will lead to business success. 

How to Find the Best Software Engineers 

While recruiting highly talented software engineers seems like an impossible task, it is very much possible. There are three fundamental ways to achieve this: inward (HR) strategies, IT Recruitment Companies, and recruitment outsourcing. Each has its own methodologies. 

1. The Internal HR Department 

One methodology is having recruiters for different roles or tech stacks so that when a need emerges, there are recruiters already and have where to get talents from without wasting much time. 

A subsequent procedure is to place the recruitment team in groups based on their experience level, as long as they are totally devoted to tech positions, obviously. 

2. IT Recruitment Companies 

IT Recruitment Companies, like Decagon, provide sourcing, training, and vetting of qualified software engineers based on the needs and requirements of the recruitment company. 

The major method is to hire IT Recruitment Companies on a retainer basis, in which they provide ongoing recruiting efforts with a predetermined number of prospects to be submitted at a certain rate. The second option is to utilize them on request, fundamentally as a getaway valve, just utilizing them to close hard-to-fill positions or to close experience gaps in their groups while paying a success fee. 

Another option is that companies can take advantage of these IT recruitment firms in a staffing capacity such that they are also responsible for the payroll, benefits, taxes, and ongoing HR management. This option is fast becoming popular among companies looking to build effective onshore and offshore remote engineering teams. Decagon is rated as one of the best IT recruitment companies at the moment due to the firm’s ability to help companies recruit highly qualified software engineers.

Large companies take advantage of this model as they have found it to be more efficient and less expensive since they can get qualified tech talent teams offshore where the pay can be lesser than what they had to pay onshore. 

Since remote work has become the norm in technology positions, large companies are going abroad to search for talents with a specific set of skills. And that is how they stay ahead of the game. 


Large companies face difficulties when recruiting engineers that are a bit more complex than small and medium-sized companies. They have to take care of the unending list of requirements while ensuring that they attract quality software engineers. 

By utilizing multiple strategies, such as involving external IT recruitment companies for staffing, HR department segmentation, and on-demand recruitment, large companies ensure they can continually recruit quality software engineers.


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