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5 Best Practices for Attracting High-Quality Software Developers

Sep 13, 2021
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5 Best Practices for Attracting High-Quality Software Developers

Recruitment is a major process of every organization. When selecting the recruits for your team, you want to ensure that they are fit for the job description, and that’s more true for software developers. But before your company can select the right people, you need to attract them in the first place. If they don’t apply, how can you get to hire them? 

In this article, we discuss the best 5 best practices for your company in attracting the right software developers for your engineering team. Read on to learn more! 

How to Attract the Right Hires on Your Dev team

1. Build a vibrant company reputation

We all know the fortune 500 companies and the feeling people get when you mention their names. But even if you don’t run a Fortune 500 company, create a company reputation people will be interested in joining. 

Now, your company reputation isn’t all about marketing, but even how you conduct your recruitment process. Candidates will have the perception of companies even from the manner recruitment is conducted. 

Give job descriptions that are detailed, be open to a diverse workforce, set up application timelines, and go ahead to show prospective hires what they stand to gain from joining your team. Differentiate your company from the myriads of companies in the world. 

2. Embrace flexibility

A report by ManpowerGroup solutions disclosed that almost 40% of candidates that applied for a job listed the flexibility of their work schedules as one of the first three factors in careers decisions. So, if candidates care about flexibility, then you should! 

Many companies are now departing from the traditional views and expectations of a job. Today, work-life balance for employees is now a discussion even before people decide to join a team. Remember that you want to hire human beings, and not robots. In fact, things like the hassle of everyday commute and work flexibility are some of the biggest factors high-performing software developers think about a lot.

Giving room for flexibility like allowing remote working can help to reduce the level of stress your employees face, offering medical and family leave also appeals to prospective employees. The valuing of their individuality and uniqueness can go the extra mile of attracting the best persons to your team. If your company attempts to conduct a rigid and archaic company structure, you might not find the right hires to join your team. You may be lucky to find them but they won’t stay for long. That’s not what you want. 

3. Develop a company culture

How do the employees in your company work? What are their values? What matters to them? Does what matters to your company also matter to them? Also, adding perks to the lifestyle of the employees.

To take it a step further, including the testimonials of your current employers in the career section of your website. That way, prospective applicants have a sense of what your company offers and how they can be a part of that. 

4. Encourage personal and professional branding for your employees

Think of your current employees as the ambassadors for your company. When your employees build their personal and professional brands even while working for your company, it attracts the right calibre of people who are drawn to your company. 

Imagine if your software developers could talk about what they do in your company on a professional platform like LinkedIn. It not only boosts the awareness about your company but also tells people about your work ethics and company culture. 

Encourage current employees to build their professional presence online and you’ll notice how the top talents in your industry gravitate towards your company. 

5. Get social media working for your company

Whether you have a four-man company or hundreds of employees, social media is an essential piece of your business marketing strategy. Remember that you’re trying to attract the top talents? Then those persons need to see and know your company in the first place. 

In this social media age, companies can now be seen by countless prospects. Interestingly, before a candidate decides whether to work for your company or not, that candidate will check your company out on social media. If you want to attract the best hires, then your company needs to appeal to them online. 

For example, candidates check out what your current employees have to say about you, activities you engage in that show your interests in your employees. To get social media working for you, ensure that your company’s online presence is employee-focused. This way, the right persons will apply to join your organisation. 


Attracting the right hires on your team is achievable. Don’t forget that while it is great to seek the right tech hires, you should be doing enough for the current employees in your company as well.

With focused and consistent efforts in applying the strategies discussed above, your company will be on the right track in employing the best software developers the market has to offer.


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