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Top 5 Technology Trends to Expect in 2021 and Beyond

Sep 10, 2021
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Top 5 Technology Trends  to Expect in 2021 and Beyond

The growth of technology has been exponential thus far. Interestingly, there’s still a lot yet to be discovered with the fast-paced growth of technology today. The COVID19 pandemic made the arrival of certain technologies necessary and tech professionals need to find ways to stay on top of their game. 

Now, how does this affect you? You need to be aware of the upcoming technology trends so that you are not caught unprepared. Not to worry, you can’t be caught unprepared now that you’re reading this article. We give a list of the top 5 technology trends that we’ve seen in 2021 and to expect beyond 2021. Let’s dive in! 

Top 5 Technology Trends in 2021 and Beyond

1. Artificial Intelligence

There’s a high probability that you have heard about artificial intelligence. You only might not be sure of what it means. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has effects on our lives like your smartphone assistant, text and speech recognition and navigation apps like Google Maps. 

We have now seen AI employed as a tool in identifying consumer behaviours. The reason your Youtube suggests videos that will 99% of the time interest you.

A study estimates that the AI industry will reach $190 billion by the year 2025. The global spending on AI in the year 2021 will account for $57 billion. This will create jobs in fields like programming, development, maintenance and support. Also, AI affords people (machine learning) up to $1,250,000 per year. The exact reason it’s top on our list. 

2. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality 

The second on our list of technology trends to look out for is Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). VR is defined as the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way. It works when a person uses special electronic equipment, such as a helmet with a screen inside or gloves fitted with sensors. In short, it immerses a user into an environment.

AR only enhances and improves the environment of a user. Though we have seen it in gaming especially, in recent times, it is used as simulation software for training the US Army and Navy.

Interestingly, manufacturers sold about 14 million AR and VR devices in 2019. Also, the global AR and VR market will grow up to $209.2 billion in 2022. 

People now get jobs in these fields through the basics of programming and a willingness to learn. 

3. Robotic Process Automation

This is a software technology that allows people to build and manage software robots that imitate and practice human actions in the interactions with digital software. The goal is to emulate human actions like performing the tasks humans would normally do. These software robots have the ability to understand a computer, identify and analyse data, and do all these without leaving the office or going for a break.

However, RPA will be eliminating millions of jobs while creating new ones. This is why you need to stay on top of the recent trends. A report by McKinsey reveals that while only less than 5% of jobs can be automated completely, up to 60% can be automated partially. 

As a tech enthusiast, RPA offers you careers in RPA architecture, RPA analysts and RPA developers. 

4. Blockchain Technology

When most people hear blockchain, they think of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Blockchain is the data that you can add to, but cannot take away from. Think of it as if you’re making a recording of data (a database) and that you can’t change the blocks made previously makes it safe and secure. These records are also linked in a peer-to-peer network as well. 

Due to its security, many companies are now adopting blockchain technologies. Consequently, there is a steady rise in the demand for blockchain developers. Blockchain is valuable for companies where values and timestamps need to be recorded securely. For example, financial services companies will recruit more blockchain developers in 2021 and beyond. 

If Blockchain technology interests you, this might be the best time to get started. Learning programming languages, the basics of OOPS, web app development and networking are good places to start from. 

5. The Internet of Things

This is a network of physical objects (also called things), which are sensors, software or technology embedded. This embedding is to connect these devices over the internet and make data exchange possible. 

The interesting fact is that these devices don’t have to be sophisticated. It could be household items like kitchen appliances or more sophisticated objects like cars. The implication is that physical objects will be able to exchange data without much human intervention.  For example, even when you forget to lock your door before leaving home, you can lock it remotely.

Oracle reports that the number of connected IoT devices will grow to 22 billion by 2025 while spending on IoT connected devices will grow up to $1.1 trillion by 2022. Mindblowing it is! 


Technology is fast-growing and we haven’t even discovered all that there is to it. Keeping your eyes open for these trends and opportunities in this field listed above will allow you never to be caught unawares!


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