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The Ultimate Guide on Building a Formidable Workforce

Sep 22, 2021
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The Ultimate Guide on Building a Formidable Workforce

How strong is your workforce? Do you know that the strength of your company can be measured by the strength of your workers?  Building a workforce that stands the test of time is important not only for you but also for potential investors who may be interested in investing in your company. To build a formidable workforce, you need to hire persons that are fit for the roles in your company. But, is that all there is to it? Not at all. 

What does a formidable workforce mean?

Having a formidable workforce simply means that your employees are highly impressive. Not only this, they won’t give in to pressure, they’ll navigate tough situations while coming out strong for your company.  Different businesses have different metrics in measuring the strength of their workforce. Notwithstanding, some characteristics remain constant.

Characteristics of a formidable workforce

Not to worry, we’re here to make the task easier for you! In this article, we share 6 steps for building an impressive workforce. Read on to learn more! 

6 Steps to Building a Formidable Workforce 

1. Ensure a top-notch recruitment process

Your recruitment process will determine the quality of persons that join your company. Now, your recruitment process isn’t all about the assessments and interviews, but also the metrics of your choice. 

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Start with a recruitment team that is knowledgeable about your company, and will also have the eye for the best candidates. Your hiring process should not only be based on intelligence quotient but get the hiring team to test the emotional and social intelligence quotient of the candidates. Remember, it’s not only about hiring the best candidates, they’ll need to relate with other members of the team. 

Another thing is to identify whether you’re making some recruitment errors in your company. If the quality of your workers isn’t good enough, something might be fundamentally wrong. 

2. Evaluate the performance of your employees

It’s very easy to assume that everyone who shows up for work is productive. This can only be far from the truth. While you may be seeing the results, do not rely on your instincts in confirming whether your staff is performing well.

Performance evaluation should be periodic, could be once in three months so that employees would not go too far without a check. What this does to your workforce is that they become productivity-conscious, and in turn, become formidable in the long run. 

3. Establish a healthy work environment

Your employees are the spokespersons for your company. Making your employees happy will affect their work ethics, boost their commitment to the company and also Setting up a conducive work environment is a good way to keep your employees happy.

Even if your employees work remotely, ensure that you put structures in place that allows them to maximize their potentials. Have you ever wondered what a member of your workforce will miss if he or she decides to leave your company? Will such a person even miss your company at all? When your employees know that they cannot get the standards of your company elsewhere, they’ll be willing to go far for the company. 

4. Define individual roles

Every member of your workforce should know what he or she needs to do. Even the members of the teams in your company need to have designated functions. If your workers don’t have clearly defined roles, it’s easy to interfere with co-workers and cause resentment among the members of the team. Whenever you recruit new members, let them know their job specifics and what is expected of that role. 

5. Set common goals 

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Building a formidable workforce isn’t dependent only on the individuals achieving their set goals. What about your company goals? See to it that all the members of your company understand your company’s goals so as to work together with the aim of achieving these goals and objectives. There might be several teams in your company but working towards unified objectives will consequently make your workforce formidable. 

6. Effective communication

This is a very important step in building a formidable workforce. Even if you’re not going to implement some of the strategies listed above, do not miss this one. Include open communication as a way of engaging with your workforce. 

Your employees must be able to speak their minds, give suggestions, feedback and criticisms without the fear of being judged. Also, when an employee speaks up, appreciate his or her opinions and don’t just listen, but also take action if need be. Ensure those team members achieve candidates effectively among themselves. 


Building a formidable workforce is achievable. With the proper recruitment process, performance evaluation and effective communication, you’re on your way to building a vibrant company! Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Keep improving, implement these steps one at a time, then say hello to a formidable workforce!  

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