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#TechHR: Where Can I Find Good Remote Software Developers?

maryam abdulwahab
May 30, 2022
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#TechHR: Where Can I Find Good Remote Software Developers?

The concept of remote working has evolved from what companies want to just try out to be innovative, to becoming a norm for almost every organization. Safe to say it’s becoming the mainstay of modern HR in tech companies.

As technology has become an indispensable part of modern-day lives, the role of software developers has become very valuable. According to Gartner, after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, as many as 88 per cent of companies worldwide implemented the option of working from home.

However, finding and hiring highly-skilled software developers can be overwhelming. 

One of the major challenges is the scarcity of readily-hirable remote software developers. It’s a struggle everywhere. 

When HackerRank asked 7,000 employers about the most daunting challenge they face when hiring talent, 41% identified it as talent shortage.

Due to the dearth of software developers, especially locally in places like the United States, building remote teams with just as much efficiency as on-site teams, has now become a goal for most companies.

Particularly,  companies are exploring a seemingly endless supply of skilled and experienced developers in other countries.

Perks of Remote Software Development Teams

The benefits of hiring remote developers are innumerable, ranging from lower hiring costs, to access to qualified software developers anywhere in the world.

Speaking on this, Chris Heard, Founder & CEO of FirstBase explains that ‘A physical office means you can hire the best person you can afford in a 30-mile radius, disqualifying you from 99.9% of the world’s talent.’ 

Other benefits include a flexible team, lower costs of infrastructure and employment, and increased productivity.  

So, if remote devs are now the new in-thing, how can companies gain access to quality talent? Where are they?

First Off, What’s a Quality Software Developer, in the Context of Remote Work? 

Basically, quality software developers are proficient in writing code and building and delivering valuable products. They know the Software Development Life Cycle in and out, and they function excellently at different points of this cycle.

Then, there’s a positive attitude, effective communication skills, and a clear understanding of the collaborative process that is involved in building a product. 

Here’s a couple more traits tech recruiting managers look out for:

Choosing a clear stack (s), and owning it

Of course, having programming skills is not debatable. But, that isn’t just semantics. If a developer is focused on front-end, back-end, or only C#, they should have competitive expertise in this. 

And if they’re full-stack, that should clearly reflect in a review of their skills. 

Then, they are no stranger to agile, lean development, and other principles that SDLC is often defined by. How familiar are they with dev tools like SuiteDash, Jira, and HoneyBook?

Ability to communicate effectively

The worry with ‘remote work’ as a concept is usually around language barrier. Will a Mexican, or an African speak/communicate clearly enough for a New York-based CTO to understand?

Just as the need for remote developers is rising, talent everywhere are also stepping up their game – especially with communication. Fluency in English Language, and high-availability are top on the list of what an ideal dev is known for.

Finding Software Developers: Where Should You Look?

Most likely, you would have heard about freelance platforms like UpWork, PeoplePerHour, and other ones. 

Some recruiters would even say they’ve had luck with social media channels, or simply head-hunting on LinkedIn. But then, it’s difficult to plan, based on these options. 

The flexibility that comes with them could have an impact on project delivery, and even the stability of your own team. Here are some more options you can explore now.

Staff Augmentation  

Staff aug is popular with companies that want to save on recruitment, project implementation, and payroll services. 

If you’re hiring based on staff augmentation, another company with ready-to-hire developers, would outsource the devs to you. No HR formalities. Just get the software engineers started. The outsourcing company takes care of the overall talent management.

Tech Job Fairs & Hackathon 

Just like a regular job fair, just that this focuses more on technology roles. 

If you know a couple other companies hiring, you can partner with them to host one. 

On the other hand, you can also explore hackathons. It’s probably the best option to identify the best developers to hire. Plus, this gives your team a  pool of qualified applicants for future positions.

Tech recruiters are using hackathons to replace overwhelming interviews, using competition to let candidates demonstrate their skills instantly.

Placement Companies 

Depending on the company’s preferences and the opportunities available, talent placement companies can help find the right software developers – in hours. 

Like, in Decagon, you can get recommendations for some roles in a single day – and our max is 72 hours. We’ve been building a pool of the best software developers in Africa since 2018.

That saves internal HR teams hours and hours of talent search, interviews, and everything in-between. 

Looking Beyond the United States

Africa has over 700,000 software programmers. Google also confirmed that Egypt, Nigeria, and Kenya have very advanced ecosystems for tech developers, which is good news for the global tech talent market.

Among other things, fast-developing tech infrastructure, and English Language proficiency are good attractions here. 

Though language might be a little bit of a barrier, Asian countries like India, China and Taiwan rank as one of the top ten countries for software engineers hiring. 

Then, there’s also Eastern Europe, with countries like Ukraine and Hungary topping the list. 

In a research by DAXX, there are over 200,000 qualified software developers in Ukraine and 105,000 in Hungary. Companies are increasingly hiring from these countries due to their excellent command of the English Language, outstanding technical skills, and cultural proximity to the United States and other European countries.

Get Started with Remote Hiring

It is time to begin hiring good remote software developers, now that you know where to search. 

Finding and hiring highly-skilled software developers- as a technical recruiter- can be costly and error-prone. Decagon solves these hiring challenges by matching recruiters with the ideal candidates, usually in under 72 hours.

Want to find out more about hiring Decagon engineers? Talk to our Placement team here.