Frequently Asked Questions

We are excited to see you here. Explore the following questions and answers to learn more about our programme. If you have a question that isn’t addressed below, kindly send us an email at Your questions will be attended to promptly.

  • Application
    • What is Decagon?

      Decagon is an elite software development and leadership training Institute that equips high potential talents with world-class software development and leadership skills combined with practical exposure through apprenticeship and corporate placements thereby ensuring the launch of successful tech careers.

    • What is the Software Engineering Program about?

      It is a 6 month intensive course that launches your career as a software engineer. At the end of the Program you become a competitive industry-ready entry level software engineer.

    • How do I apply?

      Fill in your details in the application form and click submit. Follow the instructions.

    • What are the application requirements?

      Minimum age for application is 18 years. Great learning and cognitive ability.

    • What happens after I apply?

      Join our free online learning community and start learning immediately. Afterwards, take our free aptitude test online. Based on the outcome of your aptitude test you will be selected for an in-person interview. If you are selected, you will join the 2 weeks Free Decagon bootcamp in Lagos once it starts. Upon completion of the bootcamp, you will be interviewed by the faculty, and successful candidates will be admitted into the Decagon Software Engineering Fellowship program.

    • Who do I interact with?

      Send all enquiries via mail to Once you apply, you will be invited to join a Slack group where you will be able to interact with us and the other applicants.

    • What academic qualifications do I need to apply for this software development and leadership program?

      Higher National Diploma(HND), Bachelor's degree or Masters.

    • What is the age limit considered for this program?

      18 years and above.

  • Bootcamp
    • What is the bootcamp about?

      The bootcamp is a 2-week intensive simulation training on programming principles, logic, frameworks, and soft skills needed to start as a world class software engineering fellow at Decagon Institute. It is entirely free for selected applicants. Participants will be required to work in teams and use peer programming to create interesting projects which will be evaluated by mentors and hiring partners. Applicants performance at the Bootcamp determines selection into the Decagon Institute Software Developers programme.

    • What are the requirements to get into Bootcamp?

      Prospective students will need to complete the online application form, review the home study, take and pass the personality and cognitive test, and then scale through the in-person interview. The boot camp is the final round of the recruitment process.

    • How much to I have to pay to get to bootcamp?

      The bootcamp is free.

    • What happens during bootcamp?

      You will learn basic software development & leadership skills while working with a team to deliver a working software product.

    • What happens after bootcamp?

      For those who scale through the boot camp, they will join Decagon Institute as a “Decadev” and begin their journey to becoming a world-class software engineer.

    • What will I need during bootcamp?

      You will need a fully functional Laptop. You will also need to be physically present at the bootcamp location and mentally engaged throughout the program.

  • Training
    • What are my training location options?


    • What will I be taught during the training period?

      Our Program is an intense, full-time training on software development and taught by industry professionals to make you indispensable in your job. Within 6 months we will teach you the skills that you need to begin your career as an entry level software engineer.

    • Optional fee

      We also offer support in the form of a new laptop, accommodation and a monthly stipend for an additional N1,000,000.

    • What can I do to get financial aid via Learn-Then-Earn credit funding?

      Once applicants are admitted into the program, they will have the opportunity to specify their preferred payment plan.

  • Learn-Then-Earn
    • What is the Learn-Then-Earn payment credit?

      A Learn-then-Earn payment credit is a financial instrument through our financial partners that allows talented but cash-strapped students to learn on credit and then repay the cost of the program at no more than 20% annual premium after completion of the educational program.

      Students are expected to start repaying the credit once they finish the program. It is governed by a legally binding contract.

    • What are terms of the Learn-Then-Earn (LTE) credit?

      The LTE credit costs no more than 20% at a reducing balance. Students have up to but no more than three (3) years to repay it.

    • What are the requirements of the Learn-Then-Earn (LTE) credit?

      Students are required to have a guarantor who is financially capable of guaranteeing the full cost of the Decagon tuition. The guarantor will be the signatory to a bank student loan application and will require the disclosure of assets worth N3M.

    • What happens if I fail to repay the credit?

      As the credit funding is governed by a legally binding contract, breaching any clause therein is considered a crime and will be dealt with accordingly.

    • Will the student be aided in getting a job once the program is completed?


    • Which student will be eligible to apply for the learn earn-Then-Earn (LTE) credit?

      The Learn-then-Earn is available to everyone who qualifies for admission into Decagon.